ELITE ROLLER with Travel Block

ELITE ROLLER with Travel Block

The Elite Suito roller is powerful, solid and quiet. Designed to provide a realistic, precise and above all simplified training experience. It is in fact the first Elite roller with direct drive already equipped with a pre-installed 11-speed Shimano cassette. Thanks to the easy and immediate Plug& Play configuration and its slender and compact shape, Suito is able to guarantee maximum compatibility with the most varied models of bicycles, making it one of the most powerful and comfortable rollers that a cyclist could wish for.


- Sprocket Pack: Shimano 105 CS-R7000 11V (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25-28D)
- Through-axle adapters 142x14 mm
- Quick closing with adapter
- 2 separators for 9 and 10 speed cassettes
- Mounting elements and power supply
- Documentation

Suito is a great novelty in the interactive roller catalog Elite thanks to its convenient Plug & Play configuration, designed to allow you to live a simple and immediate cycling experience, from the first use. No need to mount the cassette or the legs of the roller, all you have to do is place the virtual trainer, install your bike and connect the roller to a power supply. Total preparation time: less than five minutes.

A distinctive feature of this roller is the sturdy steel structure, ideal for ensuring great stability and durability even in the most energetic sprints. Suito is also designed to ensure minimum footprint wherever you are: thanks to the integrated handle, small size and thin profile, you can easily store and transport the roller without having to worry about the space available at home or in the gym.

Suito is able to simulate slopes up to 15% slope with an accuracy of ± 2.5%, percentages that place it among the most performing rollers in the Elite catalog. With more than 1,900 watts of resistance at a speed of 40 km/h, Suito is undoubtedly one of the most powerful rollers with which you can release all the force you have even during the most difficult sprints.

Several features contribute to an accurate training experience, with the aim of providing a very complete power measurement system:

- Power Meter Link (PML). Function that allows the roller to use as an energy source an ergometer already used on the bicycle.
- Spindown. A calibration procedure that allows the roller to take into account all the friction variables over time and during use that affect the precision of the brakes and compensate for the resistance effects generated by the virtual trainer.
- Temperature compensation algorithm. Function that allows the roller to compensate for variations due to overheating of the brakes and to take them into account in the calculation of power.
- Train with Zwift and my E-Training

This roller is also part of the family of interactive rollers ANT+ FE-C & Bluetooth that interact with all kinds of applications, software, computers and peripherals (smartphones and tablets) through iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. Just choose the desired software, select the route or training program and start cycling. Suito will automatically change the resistance.

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