The brand new AIR PLUS short-finger glove is recommended for your bike rides.
The glove is made with a mix of light and elastic fabrics that allow the palm and back adequate sensitivity and maximum breathability.
In 4 color variants to match any outfit.

The climate range indicates the extreme limits of use. Therefore, the center of gravity of temperatures must be evaluated as a reference to meet your needs that vary according to sport, climatic conditions and your thermoregulation.



On the back of the AIR PLUS Glove there is a light and perforated fabric that promotes breathability during physical activity. On the palm there are gel inserts and pads to allow greater comfort and protection. The thumb is covered with absorbent microfiber.
The AIR PLUS glove features 2 durable tabs to slip it off your hand more easily, a snap button to keep them paired and an adjustable Velcro wrist closure.
Available in 4 colors with patterned texture in different tones that easily matches any outfit: gray tones, light blue tones, lime tones and orange tones.
A valuable and comfortable ally for all outings by bike racing, MTB, randonnée, cycling tourism, etc. ... able to ensure the right cushioning on the palms and at the same time get the most in terms of lightness, breathability and freedom of movement.


The Air Plus Fingerless Glove is recommended in temperatures up to 40° for those who practice road cycling or MTB. Check which size is right for you based on the characteristics/size of your hand, choose the color and find out when you can wear them and do your training with a technical and performing product. The Air Plus glove is guaranteed by the experience Biotex. The garment does not lose its technical qualities over the years or after many washings: the important thing is to follow a few simple rules for the care of the garment.


For over 20 years Biotex has been producing technical underwear to improve sports performance
We were the first Italian company to experiment and use in our products the Polypropylene that ensures breathability, lightness and a constant body thermoregulation
We are also partners of professional sports teams with whom we field test the effectiveness of our technical clothing to improve it and make it perform for every type of sport.


The Air Plus Glove allows you to keep your hands dry and thermoregulated. The water-repellent fibers with which the glove is made do not absorb sweat but expel it. The Air Plus is lightweight and very comfortable to wear
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LIGHT isthe line of accessories and complements to technical clothing suitable for the warmer months, when temperatures rise and sweat is more intense. Biotex offers light and fresh accessories that ensure perfect breathability. Functional and indispensable to complete the sportsman's outfit.
Each line Biotex is characterized by unique elements that distinguish it for thermal, fit, compression and design, but all have the purpose of improving the performance of the body during aerobic activity.

Air Plus short-fingered glove for bike and mtb, breathable and with gel, buy it now here in the official store Biotex


Take care of the garments Biotex and the use will be assured for a long time. It is recommended to wash the garment before use to avoid possible transfer of color to other garments. To maintain the characteristics unchanged, we recommend a delicate wash inside out at amaximumtemperatureof 40° and air drying. Make sure everything is well closed: zippers, buttons, Velcro. It is recommended to avoid or reduce the use of fabric softeners (inhibits perspiration). Do not place on radiators or other sources of direct heat and do not use an iron. Otherwise, we do not ensure the effectiveness of the garment. Bright/fluffy colors may fade.

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