List of products by brand Topeak

Kit accessories Topeak Deluxe Cycling with mini pump, mini accessories for 11 functions, handbag and two levers for tires.

- Gear lever 1:1: Made of high quality fiberglass. Rigid, sturdy and durable
- X-Tool+: Thanks to its 11 functions, the X-Tool+ is ideal for most repairs
- Mini-Dual: Powerful mini-pump for all applications, which fills each tire with the innovative double action technology in an instant
- Aero Wedge Pack: Elegant bag with aerodynamic style: Double elastic support with click-lock
- Weight (complete kit): 433 g

A compact and economical solution to store the bike and optimize the use of space. The Swing Up EX allows you to rotate the bike on both sides and is compatible with wheel/tire combinations with an overall height of 3.15" (8cm) and tire width up to 2.35" (about 6.6cm)

Practicality and speed of inflation: thanks to its effective double head that allows you to switch very quickly from a Schrader valve to a Presta or Dunlop valve, the foot pump Topeak Joe Blow Max HP is ideal for the cyclist looking for a high-performance pump that lasts over time.
Very stable thanks to a large plastic base, this pump is equipped with an oversized handle, a long very flexible tube and an analog pressure gauge, for maximum precision.