List of products by brand Elite

Elite is a company made up of people passionate about cycling that for more than thirty years has been offering cutting-edge technological products for the world of two wheels.

We at ELITE are lucky. We fulfill the wishes of hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people. What? Cyclists like us.

A cyclist loves to struggle. Climbing a mountain is the effort that allows him to build his identity: cycling is not just a sport or a pastime, but a real lifestyle.

We at ELITE are lucky because our job is to find new technical solutions that improve and sometimes exacerbate the performance of these extraordinary people, the cyclists.

We do it because we understand them. We also face the same climbs and the same challenges and we also enjoy the wind in the descent.

Cycling is all this. It is life, effort, fun, overcoming challenges and limits, being together but also being alone, preparing, emulating.

We emulate the great champions of cycling history, who have been using our products for thirty years. From legends of the past like Indurain, Pantani and Evans to today's champions like Froome, Nibali and Quintana. They win the Tour de France and quench their thirst with our water bottles. They wear the gold medal at the Olympics and train with our rollers.

At ELITE we love to struggle and enjoy vittoria. There are 50 of us, we do not improvise because we are prepared: our research and development team counts 15 engineers and specialized technicians. Many of us have been working here for more than 20 years. We win prizes at the most important events. We work inside an ancient furnace that we have restored in about ten years. We produce locally with an intuition that has proved to be fundamental: our external partners work exclusively for us and in this way we keep the company focused on research rather than production. We are self-financing: all our investments come from economic resources accrued thanks to everyone's work. This also takes away quite a bit of weight when you go uphill. And we continue to grow.

In 38 years we have specialized in the research and production of training rollers, water bottles and bottle cages. Today cyclists train on rollers with the most advanced technological performance in the world; and use bottle cages and drink from technologically advanced water bottles with unsurpassed thermal yields.

We at ELITE are lucky, we continue to ride with our customers who are people like us: they love to struggle, they are demanding, they want the best, they point straight to the future.
We believe in it. Ride with us.

Giulio Bertolo

The Elite Suito roller is powerful, solid and quiet. Designed to provide a realistic, precise and above all simplified training experience. It is in fact the first Elite roller with direct drive already equipped with a pre-installed 11-speed Shimano cassette. Thanks to the easy and immediate Plug& Play configuration and its slender and compact shape, Suito is able to guarantee maximum compatibility with the most varied models of bicycles, making it one of the most powerful and comfortable rollers that a cyclist could wish for.

Used by the best Professional Teams in the World. CHARACTERISTICS: Materials: structure: fiber-reinforced material (FRP) with high resistance painted; elastic insert: weather-resistant elastomer.
New Patented Design: the new design optimizes the holding capabilities of the bottle even in particularly severe conditions and allows an ergonomic and easy insertion / extraction of the bottle.