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Thermal sock in exfrafine Merino wool, to always keep your feet warm and dry, ensuring zero pilling effect.
-10° > +15°

The climate range indicates the extreme limits of use. Therefore, the center of gravity of temperatures must be evaluated as a reference to meet your needs that vary according to sport, climatic conditions and your thermoregulation.

If you are a sportsman looking for a tight and light garment to stay cool and dry throughout your training, this garment has been designed just for you! Wearing the Ultralight Tank Top you will have the pleasant feeling of having a soft garment and perfectly shaped on your body and thanks to the elasticity of the fiber, a bi-elastic micro-mesh, we guarantee you an ideal internal microclimate and high breathability that keeps the skin dry and avoids that annoying feeling of wet sweat on the skin.

Long-sleeved shirt with medium collar with 3D multi-zone with differentiated thermal compression, for the support of the muscles and for the adaptation to the different areas of the body and its movement. No stitching on the sides and the raglan cut in the sleeves ensures comfort, thanks also to the flat seams.

The wide mesh sleeveless was created to meet the needs of those who practice sports in summer, to ensure maximum freedom of movement, lightness and excellent sweat perspiration. Seamless, it adheres perfectly to the body as if it were a second skin. Stay dry and make room for your performance!
+10° > +40°