List of products by brand X-Tech

A solid link with the origins and a constant look to the future. For over 35 years Xtech has been producing technical garments capable of satisfying all sportsmen, even the most demanding. It all started back in 1981 with a sock already at the forefront for those times and over the years, then, came the seamless underwear with a wide range of accessories. The goal has always been clear: to create quality through innovation.
Sport is constantly changing, just as science and equipment cannot be exempted from this continuous transformation. If on the one hand well-being and safety are essential for every athlete, on the other hand every sport has different needs. For this reason Xtech offers specific models for each type of sport.
There is no future without change, it is in the beginning of the evolutionary cycle. The secret is to change by remaining yourself by improving your potential.
The revolution of Xtech is in the ability to learn from the know-how of family history, guardian of the traditional art of Italian weaving, to create the product of the future.
Through meticulous attention to production, attention to detail and constant research, Xtech always guarantees maximum comfort and performance.
In the brand new headquarters in Paitone (BS), built with respect for the environment, the machine park is constantly renewed, the yarns used comply with the tests on harmful substances and the high technology developed in the laboratories has given life to two innovative fibers: XPro and XDry.
Nothing is left to chance and every single finished product is cutting edge and highly performing. An innovative way of thinking about manufacturing to guarantee that excellence of Made in Italy that is the essence of every Xtech garment.

Integrating innovation and everyday life is a challenge that Xtech has accepted and transformed into the philosophy of a company with a constant eye to the future and a SOLID DNA in its Italian roots.
The recipe is made of few values.
High technology: the desire to change the world of sport through research is the vital part of Xtech. High-performance yarns are used in a revolutionary production process, where the latest generation machinery is flanked by classic processes, dialoguing with Italian craftsmanship.
Excellence: standing out on the international scene through Italian know-how is a staple for Xtech. Learn from the past rooted in the tradition of Made in Italy, enrich it with the most refined technology, to create garments dedicated to a demanding and modern consumer.
Wellness: research is the basis of the Xtech philosophy, the goal is to conceive a product perfectly integrated with the anatomy of the athlete. Socks and underwear increasingly similar to an extension of the body to create a complete symbiosis with the wearer.
Sensitivity: a whole new way of thinking about sportswear. Imagination is the engine that has pushed the company to constantly exceed its limits. A location designed as a creative laboratory where tradition and modernity coexist, to ensure comfort and maximum performance.

The XPro brand distinguishes one of the yarns researched and developed by XTech. It is a polyamide microfiber consisting of linear macromolecules obtained from the polycondensation of bifunctional compounds. In essence, thanks to its multi-burr section, it guarantees breathability, softness to the touch, wear resistance and ease of dyeing in any color. Combined with XDry polypropylene, the characteristics of the 2 yarns come together and give life to products with inimitable performance. The recipe for creating this thread is jealously guarded in the XTech and top secret offices!